Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Power of a Makeover

I originally had the idea to do this post about a month ago, when there was a Glee episode about makeovers, and how they can change your life. Well, maybe that's stretching it a little, but haven't you ever felt like a different person the first time you, for instance, wore a newly purchased outfit?  I know I have. I know people say that it's really what's on the inside that counts, but it does help if your outside appearance matches how you feel on the inside.
In the episode, Rachel Berry needed to update her preppy high school style to a chic New York one, because  her attitude had already changed (did you notice that? Maybe it's just me, but she definitely isn't as self-centered as she was in previous seasons). Sam Evans had to step his style up a notch to be vice-president candidate material (though he ended up taking his shirt off anyways...), and Brittany S. Pierce just wanted everyone to take her seriously for a change (though I think she went a little overboard with the whole no weekends thing).
This is about as far as I got with the blog post when I first started it. But then I got another idea during a recent trip to the mall that mainly builds on Rachel Berry's makeover- a style shift from high school to University. I've noticed it all around campus- people are, in general, really well dressed! I know I've taken my style up a notch, moving from jeans and logo t-shirts to skirts, dresses, blouses, and cute shoes. Sure there are always those yoga pant days, and of course showing up to exams in sweats, but in between there's plenty of time to experiment with different fashion trends and make a ton of stylish new outfits!
If you want to update your style but are unsure of how to proceed, here are some easy ways to spruce up your outfits:
1. Add a scarf! Scarves instantly dress up a plain t-shirt and jeans, and dress down a preppy white blouse. There are so many different ways to wear scarves, and they come in every colour of the rainbow, not to mention a variety of different fabrics, sizes, and patterns.
2. Accessorize! Add a belt to a blousy tee, a necklace to a plain shirt, a headband, bracelets, you name it!  The right accessories can take an outfit from boring to stylish in seconds! (that sounded so cliche...)
3. Invest in a few pairs of good shoes- flats for warm days or if you're wearing a skirt or dress with tights; ankle boots to tuck into skinny jeans, and knee high boots to add an edge to your outfits in the winter.
My last few outfits on Polyvore have been in the area of typical University student outfits, and I have many more to come. Until then, stay stylish!